NRC WeDo Junior Challenge

WRO WeDo Junior Challenge

Latest Update: 22 October 2021


  • Where can I find the Randomization Guide for the Qualifiers? 

Answer: In the tournaments tab, click on WRO WeDo and scroll down until you see Randomization for Qualifiers. Click that and you will be able to see the Randomization rules. 

  • Is it only open for Singapore students or for foreign students here on dependent pass too? 

Answer: Yes, as long as you are based in Singapore. You may join the competition. 


  • How will the age be calculated?

Answer: Age is calculated based as of this year, 2021. For example, if you were born in 2010, you would be considered 11 years old. 


  • What does randomization mean? 

Answer: For the WRO WeDo Junior Challenge, built up LEGO elements have to be placed on the playfield in a specific order prior to the match. This order is called ‘randomization’. Organisers will release the randomization order for all teams to follow. The dates for randomization release can be found in the challenge documents. The randomization order will be published on the NRC website. 


  • The software for WeDo, is it online?

Answer: Yes, you can download it from the relevant app store of your device. Search for WeDo 2.0


  • Is the software whitelisted for school laptops?

Answer: Yes, it is. But all coaches are urged to check with their institution’s IT department.


  • During the filming, can the coach remove the fire if all the ‘water’ bricks are placed at the right positions? 

Answer: Yes, the coach is allowed to. refer to Section 7.2 in the WRO WeDo Junior Challenge Document


  • Are specific colour combinations needed or can there can be some different colour if the colour is not available in the bricks at home?

Answer: For building of the Game Objects, teams must use LEGO bricks of the exact colour. All teams must use the exact colour bricks. This is to be fair to all teams. Teams may choose to purchase the WRO Brickset kit (45811) from the NRC shop at


  • Must the robot be 25x25x25? I cannot find it in the challenge booklet. 

Answer:  The team’s robot must fit in the Base Area.


  • Are the use of attachments and alignment jigs that the team can swap/use at base area allowed? 

Answer: Yes


  • As asked in the webinar, what is the role of the fire in the playfield? For example, will there be any penalty if the fire is being pushed out of position or destroyed? 

Answer: The fire acts as a barrier to the robot’s movement during the games. There are no penalty points for the robot moving the Fires Game Object


  • To confirm, as long as the game object is within the base area, the kids are allowed to move it? For example, aligning of the object in front of the robot before moving off base or removing the object that the robot grabs.

Answer: Yes


  • To confirm, are the teams allowed to use other non-electrical Lego parts such as those used in EV3? It is a good time to teach slightly more advanced building techniques through this competition.

Answer: Yes. Teams are allowed to use any other LEGO element. However, the controller, sensor and motors must be from the LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 set only. 


  • Once the robot rescues the people and brings them to the base area, then can I move these people aside to the corner of the base area?

Answer: Yes.


  • Once the robot transports the trees to the replant area and they fall down. Is it acceptable?

Answer: Yes. As long as the Game Object is not broken and is completely within the Replant Area


  • The robot moves to the parking Area, stops, the chassis of the robot is completely within the Area . In the ongoing mission, the robot will have to cross the parking area. So does this mean while crossing the parking area the mission will be considered as completed?

Answer: No. The robot must be completely in the Parking Area at the end of the match. This is when time is up. 


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