NRC WRO Regular

WRO Regular

Latest Update: 17 November 2021

Congratulations to these teams for making it to the Finals!


Team Number  Team Name
RP011 RoboGeek
RP032 EnergyBlox
RP033 Horizon Star Coders Senior Team 1
RP041 C4RL-6IX



Team Number  Team Name
RS007 TMS Team 1
RS008 TMS Team 2
RS012 TMS Team 6
RS050 The Sheans
RS051 Robusta
RS053 Matrix 
RS056 honk
RS058 socksther



Team Number  Team Name
RT001 Clutch
RT002 Raven
RT003 Artefact
RT004 Haven
RT005 boRIbot
RT006 amoguscRI
RT007 RI1337
RT009 Alpaca
RT010 Pheasant
  • Where can I find the Randomization Guide for the Qualifiers? 

Answer: In the tournaments tab, click on WRO Regular and scroll down until you see Randomization for Qualifiers. Click that and you will be able to see the Randomization rules. 


  • Does the robot need to be fully dismantled before the Robot finals? 

Answer: No, it can be pre-assembled. 


  • Based on my understanding, any software can be used for WRO challenges as stated in the WRO regular challenge document. If we were to choose other operating systems on ev3 like ev3dev - brickman instead of the default, may I ask whether it is allowed in this year's NRC competition? 

Answer: Yes. It is allowed.


  • How will the randomization work? 

Answer: It will be announced 2 weeks prior to the deadline for the qualifying rounds and all teams will be given the same randomization. This will be released on the website. Do take note that the randomization is not the same as the surprise rule and the surprise rule is not applicable for the qualifying rounds. 


  • How will the surprise rule work?

Answer: Teams invited for the Finals must attend a briefing in the morning of the Finals. The Surprise rule will be shared with all teams. The Surprise rule will also be released on the website. The surprise rule is only applicable for the finals. 


  • What if I upload 3 of my best runs onto Google Drive? 

Answer: Only the latest video will be taken into consideration. Please upload ONLY your best run. If you do end up uploading a new video, please do remember to delete the older video(s) in the Google Drive folder. 

  • Do I need to submit the Robot Codes? 

Answer: No, you do not. 


  • How can I prove the size of my robot? 

Answer: The best way will be to show the robot on camera and to hold a ruler beside to clearly show that it’s below 25cm on all sides (L x B x H).


  • Are robot clones allowed? 

Answer: No. Each team must have its own robot designed and built by the students themselves. 


  • What needs to be shown in the video for qualifiers? 

Answer: Video must be able to visibly show the entire playfield and the robot completing each task clearly for marks to be scored during the mission run. 


  • Can international students or students on dependent pass participate in NRC ?

Answer: Yes, but all participants must be residing in Singapore during the competition period


  • Are specific colour combinations needed or can there can be some different colour if the colour is not available in the bricks at home?

Answer: For building of the Game Objects, teams must use LEGO bricks of the exact colour. Teams may choose to purchase the WRO Brickset kit (45811) from the NRC shop at 



  • Is the play table mandatory for competitions? Can students put the mat on the floor and complete the missions?

Answer: The Competition Table is not mandatory. However, it is highly encouraged for the teams to have the table to place the mat on. In the event that teams do not have a competition table, they can still place the mat on the floor and compete. 


  • Do we need to provide research links?

Answer: It is highly recommended to share and prove where your ideas, inspiration and help came from. 


  • When presenting, can everyone present from their own device and not from 1 laptop?

Answer: Yes, participants may choose to come online from their own devices. 


  • Are we allowed to use Python?

Answer: Yes you are. 


  • Are technic sensors allowed?

Answer: Yes it is, as long as it is Hitechnic.


  • Are we allowed to connect multiple brains to build a robot? 

Answer: No. For the Robot Games component, your robot should only have 1 controller.



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