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List of Robotics Competitions in 2021/2022 - Singapore


What's the best way to improve yourself?

By meeting and competing with others in your field! Regardless of whether you win or lose, both sides gain precious learning experiences by being exposed to different strategies, techniques and new challenges.

To help the budding roboticists out there (teachers & coaches included), we've compiled a list of competitions and events you can participate in to hone your robotics skills and experience.

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1) National Robotics Competition (NRC)

Registration Period: Aug - Sep 2021

Status: Ongoing / Virtual

For more info:

Age Group: 7 - 17 years old


NRC is the largest competition event in Singapore when it comes to robotics. It is a Singapore Science Centre event that boasts multiple competitions and categories within the same event.



Events Included:

  1. World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) - Regular
  2. WRO - WeDo Regular
  3. WRO - Future Engineers
  4. CoderZ Coding Challenge (Virtual Robotics)

Events have sub-categories according to the participants' age groups: Primary/Secondary/Tertiary


2) FIRST LEGO League (FLL)

Registration Period: Aug - Sep 2021

Status: Upcoming

For more info:

Age Group: 5 - 17 years old



DSA Programs

Many schools with robotics and STEM niche take FLL competitions very seriously and doing well in the competition can land potential applicants a successful placement in the school via the Direct School Admission route.

Here is a DSA program for robotics-focused schools in Singapore: 

Private FLL Competitions

Note: You can run intra-school or inter-school FLL competitions during off-peak seasons to build your students confidence too!

Duck Learning is an exclusive partner of LEGO Education in Singapore who are licensed to run FLL-based events for your school.

Drop us an email at


3) Robotics Innovation Challenge

Registration Period: December 2021

Status: Upcoming / Virtual & Physical

For more info:

Age Group: 8 - 15 years old


  • Grand Arena Technical Competitions (Offline)
  • Innovation Design Challenges (Online)


4) Singapore VEX Challenge

Registration Period: February

Status: Ended


Age Group: Any age

5) Science & Technology Challenge

Registration Period: June - July

Status: Ongoing / Virtual


Age Group: 

The Science & Technology Challenge involves 6 exciting e-challenges that test students’ critical and creative thinking while promoting the benefits of  engineering and science education.
  • Category 1 Rescue Ranger
  • Category 2 Cybersecurity and Digitalization
  • Category 3 Build your dream aircraft
  • Category 4 Walking Robot
  • Category 5 Energy Harvester
  • Category 6 AI & Data


6) Singapore Robotic Games

Registration Period: TBC (Nov - Dec)

Status: Upcoming

For more info:

Age Group: 5 & above


  • Open Category
  • Legged Robot Marathon Race
  • Wall Climbing Robot Competition
  • RC Sumo Robot Competition
  • Autonomous Sumo Robot Competition
  • Picomouse Competition
  • Underwater Robot Competition
  • Humanoid Robot Competition
  • Junior Autonomous Sumo Robot Competition
  • Junior RC Sumo Robot Competition


7) Singapore AUV Challenge

Registration Period: August - September

Status: Upcoming

For more:

Age Group: 16 & above

The Singapore AUV Challenge is the largest underwater robotics competition organised by the National University of Singapore (NUS)



8) Asia Pacific Youth Robotics Competition

Registration Period: April - May

Status: Hiatus/Last Event in 2019

For more info: OR Facebook Page

Age Group: 8 - 17 years old

9) National Robotics Programming Competition

Registration Period: March - April

Status: Hiatus/Last Event in 2019




10) Innovation, Design & Engineering (IDE) Series Challenge

 Registration Period: March - April

Status: Hiatus/Last Event in 2019






Summary List:

  1. National Robotics Competition (NRC)

  2. FIRST LEGO League (FLL)

  3. Robotics Innovation Challenge

  4. Singapore VEX Challenge

  5. Science & Technology Challenge

  6. Singapore Robotic Games

  7. Singapore AUV Challenge

  8. Asia Pacific Youth Robotics Competition - Hiatus

  9. National Robotics Programming Competition - Hiatus

  10. Innovation, Design & Engineering (IDE) Series Challenge - Hiatus


This list is non-exhaustive. We will continue to add more competitions and similar events that Singapore-based students can join.

Think we missed out on something? Email us at



1 comment

  • Kang Liat Chuan

    There is also Worldskills Singapore (Mobile Robotics trade), once in 2 years, participated by 5 polytechnics and ITE. The current hardware is based on Studica’s competition set.

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