SPIKE Prime - Bundle of 5 (Full Sets)

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Bundle Includes:

Special Offer for Add-ons

You are entitled to discounted rates for additional SPIKE Prime parts and Sorting & Disinfection Services if you purchase at 1 Full Set.

For more information on the individual parts and services, click on the product links below.

Item/Service Price Savings
Sorting and Disinfecting Service (for 10 Sets Only) $171.20 -
SPIKE Prime Large Angular Motor (U.P. $114.85) $103.33  $11.52
SPIKE Prime Medium Angular Motor  (U.P. $108.60) $97.74 $10.86
SPIKE Prime Distance Sensor (U.P. $93.10) $83.78 $9.32
SPIKE Prime Force Sensor (U.P. $55.85) $50.27 $5.58
SPIKE Prime Colour sensor (U.P. $62.10) $55.85 $6.25


 For all SPIKE™ Prime Parts, check out this collection.

For more information, send an email to competitions@ducklearning.com

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