Holiday Programme: Robo Repairz with WeDo 2.0

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[Live Online Workshop with Rental Robotic Sets Delivered to Your Home]

In this workshop, your child will be roleplaying as a 'Robot Doctor' who helps his smart robot friends when they are not working properly.

Every 3-hour session, 2 robot friends will report their issues and breakdown and ask for your child's help to repair them.

As a Robot Doctor, your child will not only learn how to build unique robot characters, they will also learn how to troubleshoot coding errors and improve the robots'  physical design. 


Your child will be using the LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Sets to build robot friends with LEGO Bricks, motors and sensors.

  • For Ages 5 - 11 years old (Kids below 5 will need parent supervision)

  • Date(s) : Choose at least 1 session

Please mention the Session No. under 'Notes' section at checkout.
(Don't worry if you forget, we will contact you to confirm again)

Oct 2021 Sessions

Session No.  Date Time
Session 1A 4 Oct, Monday 3pm - 6pm Cubb-E & FitCat
Session 2A 5 Oct, Tuesday 3pm - 6pm Winglet & Jumpy
Session 3A 6 Oct, Wednesday 3pm - 6pm Torque & Endeavour
Session 4A 7 Oct, Thursday 3pm - 6pm X-Gate & Lifty
Session 5A 8 Oct, Friday 3pm - 6pm Turbowin & Speedtrain
Session 6A 9 Oct, Saturday 3pm - 6pm Hightower & Geckobot


Nov 2021 Sessions

 Session No. Date Time Model/s
Session 1B 1 Nov, Monday 3pm - 6pm Cubb-E & FitCat
Session 2B 2 Nov, Tuesday 3pm - 6pm Winglet & Jumpy
Session 3B 3 Nov, Wednesday 3pm - 6pm Torque & Endeavour
Session 4B 4 Nov, Thursday 3pm - 6pm X-Gate & Lifty
Session 5B 5 Nov, Friday 3pm - 6pm Turbowin & Speedtrain
Session 6B 6 Nov, Saturday 3pm - 6pm Hightower & Geckobot
Session 1C 22 Nov, Monday 10am - 1pm Cubb-E & FitCat
Session 2C 23 Nov, Tuesday 10am - 1pm Winglet & Jumpy
Session 3C 24 Nov, Wednesday 10am - 1pm Torque & Endeavour
Session 4C 25 Nov, Thursday 10am - 1pm X-Gate & Lifty
Session 5C 26 Nov, Friday 10am - 1pm Turbowin & Speedtrain
Session 6C 27 Nov, Saturday 10am - 1pm Hightower & Geckobot


Dec 2021 Sessions

 Session No. Date Time Model/s




  • Time: 3 Hours per session (2 Robots)

  • Venue: ZOOM Class with physical set

  • Student Requirements:
    Your child should be able to count up to 10, read simple words, understand basic computer functions.

    If not, parent supervision is highly recommended to ensure your child enjoys the session with as little technical issues as possible. We welcome parent-child pairs as well!

Example of Robot Friend Models to Make:

Build and improve 2 robot friends in 3 hours!

12 Different robots to build altogether

  1. Cubb-E
  2. FitCat
  3. Winglet
  4. Jumpy
  5. Torque
  6. Endeavour
  7. X-Gate
  8. Lifty
  9. Turbowind
  10. Speedtrain
  11. Hightower
  12. Geckobot

What You Will Learn

Learn engineering concepts, real-life robot problems and basic coding to get the robot characters moving! 

Screenshots of our lesson material:


 What is WeDo 2.0?


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