Curious Engineer: Automation 101 - 2-Day Camp

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Includes a Free Take-Home Set Delivered to Participant's Address
Complimentary Set: SAM Labs Kit

In this 2-day camp, students will be introduced to the SAM Space app and the snap-on SAM hardware blocks. They will be shown how the app works and will create a simple system that turns life easy with automation using different sensors, motors and accessories such as sliders, buttons and more. Students will identify areas in their lives that would benefit from automation and from their experimenting and investigation, come to create beneficial solutions for everyday life.

This camp requires some elements of DIY craft so please prepare the following materials beforehand: A4/A3 paper, scissors, glue, tape, writing materials

Students get to keep the tool set and continue building after the camp so their learning never stops!

Learning Objectives:

- Learn how to think critically about problems and find solutions
- Familiarise and apply building elements such as motors, sensors and other connective accessories into solutions
- Introduction to Icon and Block-Based coding language
- Program the physical models and explore creative ways to build effective solutions for chosen problems
- Boost confidence in engineering and coding skills to inspire interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) in the long run
- Train fine motor skills to be better equipped in handling complex technology and machines in the future

Pro-tip: SAM Labs sets are great to be used in school projects to showcase moving and working prototypes for presentations.



Fixed Date: 10 & 11 Sep, Fri & Sat
Fixed Time: 10am - 4pm