2-Day Online Workshop: Dino-Mite! with WeDo 2.0

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[Live Online Workshop with Rental Robotic Sets Delivered to Your Home]

Build and program your favourite dinosaur robots! Using the LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Sets, your child will learn to put together dinosaur models with LEGO Bricks, motors and sensors.

  • For Ages 6 - 11 years old

  • Date(s) :
    • 31st May (Mon) & 1 June (Tue) OR;
    • 24th June (Thu) & 25th June (Fri) OR;
    • 5 July (Mon) & 6 July (Tue)

  • Time: 10am to 5pm

  • Lunch Break: 12pm - 1pm

  • Venue: ZOOM Class

  • Note: Rented sets will be sent at least ONE DAY BEFORE class begins and will be collected ONE DAY AFTER the class has ended.

Example of Dinosaur Models to Make:

  1. T-Rex
  2. Triceratops
  3. Sauropod
  4. Pteranodon
  5. Dimetrodon
  6. Build Your Own Dinosaur!


What You Will Learn

Learn engineering concepts, dinosaur facts and basic coding to get the dinosaur robots moving! 

Screenshots of our lesson on the accompanying iPads:


 What is WeDo 2.0?


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