Virtual Workshop | Travel Around the World - Screenless Coding with KUBO Robotics (For Preschoolers)

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Includes Loan Set Delivered to Participant's Address
Loan Set: KUBO Robotics Starter Set + Travel Around The World Edition Pack (Loan for 2 days)

Feeling stuck and bored in Singapore? Let your child travel the world through a fun and screenless-robotics session.

Your child will be using the KUBO robotics set to program their robot to achieve missions (fly, ship, drive) by getting to the country of destination. The KUBO robot is programmed via patented electronic puzzle pieces with coding functions/symbols on them. The instructor will share more about the countries of destination including the animals, culture, language and landmarks through vivid photos and videos.

(Destination Countries: Japan, Egypt, Brazil, Philippines, France)

For older students (8 - 9 years old), more complex symbols will be provided to allow them to learn more coding functions.

The KUBO Robotics set does not require any laptop, tablet or smartphone to operate. The loan sets will come fully charged and ready to play.

Learning Objectives:

- Learn how to use coding symbols to form a programming line/task robots can understand
- Explore and discover interesting facts about the world and the people around them
- Introduction to simple Icon and Block-Based coding language
- Boost confidence in coding skills to inspire interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) in the long run
- Train fine motor skills to be better equipped in everyday life tasks

Open Date Booking (To yours and our instructors' convenience)

For Open Date Booking, please Whatsapp us at 9822 5921 to check on our instructors' availability