Brickman® Wonders of The World

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About Brickman® Wonders of The World LEGO Brick Exhibition Singapore

Brickman® Wonders of The World is a fun and interactive global exhibition experience created by Ryan McNaught, the only LEGO® Certified Professional in the Southern Hemisphere and one of only 21 in the world, that will keep both adults and kids engaged in their own inventions with LEGO® .

Visitors are allowed to travel the world and witness 50 jaw-dropping masterpieces of the world's most iconic landmarks without the need of their passport. They are also allowed to get creative and build their own  LEGO® masterpieces in the interactive Master Builder Zones as well!

About Ryan McNaught

                          Ryan next to one of his sculptures

Ryan McNaught is the founder of Brickman, a team of skilled LEGO®  brick artists, after building his first LEGO®  brick commission. In 2011, he became a  LEGO® Certified Professional (LCP) which enhanced his credentials as one of the elite LEGO brick artists in the world. He is still the only LCP in the southern hemisphere out of the 21 LCP brick artists. He even became the judge and LEGO® brains behind Australia's #1 Tv show called LEGO Masters Australia

Brickman now consist of 25 craftspeople who manage the LEGO® models and tour exhibitions all over the world. All their works can be find in museums, galleries, LEGO stores and offices around the globe.

Iconic landmarks created by Ryan McNaught



The Arc De Triomphe

The Big Ben

Colossus Rhodes

The Great Wall of China 

 Can't wait? Here's a past video in 2018 that was held in Auckland Museum.

When and Where will this be held?

Date: 12 March to 3 July 2022
Venue: The Annexe, Science Centre Singapore, 15 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081

Exclusive Live Tour Packages for Schools

Students admiring the large LEGO sculpturesWOTW Lego Pits


Duck Learning will be conducting Exclusive Live and Virtual Tours for Schools in Singapore. Students can participate in interactive group games for both virtual and live tours too.

How exciting is that?


Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce the History behind the Iconic Landmarks
  • Dive into their creativity into making their own masterpiece
  • Learn about the culture and traditions behind the countries of which each landmarks belongs to
  • Provided with an Activity Booklet to record one's learning


Tour is suitable for ages 7 - 14 years old
Activity Booklets will be provided. 
Tour Package includes educational hands-on workshop.
Each student will receive a LEGO take-home set.

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How to book a tour package with us?

Contact us for tour enquiry and quotations.

Office Tel: 6747 4236


For more info on the exhibition itself, go to

Duck Learning is the Official Organising Partner of Apollo Entertainment for Educational Workshops and Tours for Brickman® Wonders of The World.