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Latest Update: 20 January 2022


Gracious Professionalism® Initiative. 

  • What is it? 

We want you to introduce yourselves and get to know the other teams as well. All you have to do is to upload a video between 1-2 minutes and follow these 5 simple steps to find out how to participate. Did we mention that the teams that take part will be specially mentioned to the Judges?

Step 1: Gather your teammates and get your coach to help you record the video.

Step 2: Step in front of the camera, introduce yourselves and share your team’s name.

Step 3: Tell us something interesting about yourselves and what CARGO CONNECT means to you. Bonus if you come dressed up or your video stands out in an interesting way. Remember, have FUN!

Step 4: Upload the video on your Facebook account and tag us @dl.fllsg or send the video to us with a short write-up and we will post it.

Step 5: Spread the love! Get your families and friends to like and share our page and your post!


Virtual Learning Journey conducted by Singapore Maritime Gallery

As part of an all-rounded learning experience, Duck Learning is pleased to organize a Virtual Learning Journey in conjunction with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, to visit the Singapore Maritime Gallery for participating students of FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) Singapore 21/22.

The Singapore Maritime Gallery tells the story of Singapore’s transformation from a thriving trading post into a global hub port and international maritime centre. From this Virtual Learning Journey, participants will get an insight into what happens in our ports and how technology is used in enhancing the efficiency of our ports.

  • Details

Date: Friday, 18 February 2022
Time: 4pm - 5:15pm

Note: Only for participating students of FLL 21/22. This session is capped at 40 Students. For the best experience, each student should log in individually via their own device.


With regards to the recent announcement regarding CCAs being allowed to resume in Term 1 with SMM in place, please note the following FINAL dates for FLL teams:

FLL Challenge:
Project Presentation via Zoom: 14th to 18th March 2022
Robot Games Video Submission: 31st March 2022 (deadline)
Online Awards Ceremony: 14th April 2022

FLL Explore:
Project Presentation via Zoom: 23rd to 27th May 2022
Online Awards Ceremony: 27th May 2022

Please note that these dates will no longer be changed

Meet the Chief Judge session
- The Meet the Chief Judge session will be held on ZOOM. 

- Your chance to ask any questions regarding the games, schedules or requirements.

- ZOOM link will be shared 1 day before the session by 5pm. 

Session 1
Date: Wednesday, 19 January 2022
Time: 4pm - 5pm
Session 2
Date: Friday,  28 January 2022
Time: 4pm - 5pm
Session 3
Date: Friday,  11 February 2022
Time: 4pm - 5pm
Session 4

Date: Friday,  4 March 2022
Time: 4pm - 5pm

FLL Challenge Updates

Latest Update: 20 January 2022 

Coopertition® Initiative

  • What is it?

It is an online session where teams support each other by sharing ideas and solutions. Each participating team will be given the opportunity to showcase how they have designed a robot and program that can solve a mission in the FLL Challenge Robot Games. Teams can choose to focus on any of the missions.

Each participating team will be given 3 mins to showcase their solution and 2 minutes of Q&A for other teams to ask questions.

  • What's in it for me?

Teams that present will receive an extra Precision Token (imaginary) to use in their Robot Games.
(Referees will be notified and will keep a 7th Precision Token (imaginary) to use in scoring the games. Essentially, scores will be deducted from the 3rd Precision Token used)

  • Can I attend the session even if I am not presenting?

ABSOLUTELY! The Coopertition® initiative was designed for you! You can join and learn from presenting teams, ask questions and get inspiration for your own robot and coding designs.


  • When is it taking place?

Coorpetition® initiative Session 1
22nd Feb 2022, Tue
3 pm – 4 pm
via ZOOM*

Coorpetition® initiative Session 2
24th Feb 2022, Thu
3 pm – 4 pm
via ZOOM*

Note: Only for participating teams of the FLL Challenge 21/22. This session is capped at 12 teams per session. Registration is on a first come first serve basis.


FLL Challenge

  • How can I know if my child can take part? 

If a child is born between 2006-2013, they are eligible to take part in the upcoming FLL Challenge competition next year. This is because, in 2022, he/she will be between 9-16 years of age.

FLL Explore Updates

Latest Update: 7 January 2022

  • How can I know if my child can take part? 

If a child is born between 2013-2016, they are eligible to take part in the upcoming FLL Explore competition next year. This is because, in 2022, he/she will be between 6-9 years of age.

FLL Discover Updates

Latest Update: 27 July 2021



There are currently no updates for this event.

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