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How To Prepare for a Robotics Competition?

Dec 03, 2021

New to the robotics competition scene? Here are some ways you can start preparing for the competition! Remember, competitions are important to help develop and test your abilities. Play the long game, it's not just about winning...

How to be a Good Parent-Coach - 5 Actionable Tips

Nov 10, 2021

More parents are taking up side-projects with their kids and coaching their child in competitions to provide wholesome learning experiences. However, without the right balance, both parent and child can get frustrated and burnt out easily as roles overlap and get blurred. Here are five actionable tips to be a good parent AND a coach!

10 Presentation Tips to Make Judges Go Wow! (For Pri - Sec Competitions)

Nov 03, 2021

All teams present at competitions, but not all presentations are made equal. Find out what winning teams do to stand out when it comes to presenting as a team! Applicable for children and teens.

For Non-School Teams: Searching for Competition Team Mates

Oct 15, 2021

Your child wants to join the competition but he has no team members? Fret no more, check out our 5 ways to find for suitable team members in Singapore!


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