3-Hour Online Workshop: Dino-Mite! Lite with WeDo 2.0

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[Live Online Workshop with Rental Robotic Sets Delivered to Your Home]

Build and program your favourite dinosaur robots! Using the LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Sets, your child will learn to put together dinosaur models with LEGO Bricks, motors and sensors.

  • For Ages 6 - 11 years old

  • Date(s) : Open Date (You can book date and time at our instructors' and your convenience)
  • Time: 3 Hours Open Time (You can book date and time at our instructors' and your convenience)

  • Venue: ZOOM Class with physical set

Example of Dinosaur Models to Make:

Build as many dinosaurs as you can in 3hrs

Choose the dinosaurs you would like to build!

  1. T-Rex
  2. Triceratops
  3. Sauropod (Recommended for super beginners)
  4. Pteranodon
  5. Dimetrodon
  6. Parasaurolophus

Beginners (Have never done coding or LEGO building) can build 1 dinosaur in 3hrs.
Intermediate builders (have done WeDo 2.0 programmes before) can build 2-3 dinosaurs in 3hrs.
Expert builders (have done many WeDo 2.0 programmes before) can build 4 - 6 dinosaurs in 3hrs.

You can extend your sessions at a discounted rate of SGD$20/hr on the same day if your child needs more time to build. (Up to availability of instructors)

If not, you can always book another 3hr session to continue building.

What You Will Learn

Learn engineering concepts, dinosaur facts and basic coding to get the dinosaur robots moving! 

Screenshots of our lesson on the accompanying iPads:


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