Creativity and Coding with Strawbees® Online Course (Bundle Available)

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Creativity and Coding with Strawbees® Online Course Only

Start exploring the world of hands-on learning, creativity and coding! Create your very own projects with this self-guided digital learning platform we have created.

♦   Note: For successful completion of course, Strawbees Coding and Robotics Kit (Education Version) is required. 

♦   Creativity and Coding with Strawbees® Online Course Bundle (with Strawbees Coding and Robotics Kit (Education Version) available.

♦   Course validity: 3 months

♦   Rental of kit is not available for this course.

NOTE: Please select "self-collect" if you are choosing online course only to avoid shipping charges.

Why Strawbees Coding and Robotics?

Strawbees uses both software (intuitive online development environment) and hardware (a unique Quirkbot circuit board) to explain how computers and robots work and let you control and impact the real world outside of your computer.

We provide an intuitive first introduction to programming, as well as infinite opportunities for gradually building more advanced projects using an electronics platform fulfilling a standard loved and tested by millions of people who use electronics for real-world applicable projects across the globe. In our online tutorials, course and lesson plans we show you how!

The Strawbees Learning Platform provides several different approaches and programming languages, as well as compatibility with a full scale professional development environment for advanced users to create any project and employ it anywhere.



Course objective

To allow participants to learn about coding and robotics. They will learn how to build structures and contraptions out of straws and Strawbees. Participants will also learn a problem-solving technique, and computational thinking whilst learning how to apply these problem-solving techniques to real-world problems such as deforestation and flooding.



Through this project, participants will become adept at coding and robotics. Participants will also be able to build various mechanisms and structures out of straws. Students will develop an understanding of the Scratch blocks and program as they practice modifying the program to attain desired movements.


Course Outline

Section 1: (Assessment 1)

Lesson 1: Introduction and make a robot walker

♦   Exploring every component in the box

♦   Understanding how to operate the Quirkbot

♦   Understanding the Strawbees system of building

◊   Creating a ruler straw: Marking off 1 straw into half, quarter

◊   Online software introduction

◊   Showing how to program with Scratch blocks


Lesson 2: Make a Blinking Star

♦   Introduction to LEDs

♦   Introduction to concept of outputs – LEDs

♦   Building movable joints

♦   Building star

♦   Introduction to stack programming


Lesson 3: Making an Excavator and Crane

♦   Learning about structures: Purpose of excavators and cranes

♦   How to design a steady structure

♦   Making the Excavator and digging mechanism

♦   Programming the Excavator

♦   Introduction to concept of inputs – Touch sensor on Quirkbot


Section 2: (Assessment 2)

Lesson 4: Making a Dinosaur

♦   Introduction to Dinosaurs

♦   Introduction to concept of inputs – Light Sensor

♦   Understanding how to create your own logic block part 1

♦   Learning about random programming block

♦   Build the dinosaur head and program it accordingly


Lesson 5: Building a Scarecrow

♦   Introduction to concept of inputs – Circuit touch with alligator clips

♦   Understanding how to create your own logic block part 2

♦   Learning about another servo motor programming block

♦   Build the scarecrow and program it accordingly to chase away birds


Lesson 6: Creating a Energy-saving building

♦   Application of input-output concept with light sensor and LED

♦   Create a building that switches on the LED corridor lights when the surrounding light is low (e.g. at night)


Section 3: (Assessment 3)

Lesson 7: Build a Solar Farm

♦   Talking about how we need to track the sun; what is the purpose of a solar farm

♦   Making a Flat and long panel of ‘Solar Panels’

♦   Learning how to create variables part 1

♦   Understanding new programing logic blocks

♦   Program the solar panel to move to adjust to the amount of light


Lesson 8: Automated Parking Gate

♦   Introduction to a real life problem: Automated parking gates

♦   Learning how to create and store variables and how to recall this value part 2

♦   Understanding new programming logic blocks

♦   Program the parking gate to automatically open and close to allow cars, to keep track of the number of vehicles inside and to show when the parking space is full


Lesson 9: Balance Game

♦   Learn to create a simple game to balance a ping pong ball

♦   Learn to create and store variables part 3

♦   Apply this concept to create their very own game!



Important Notes:

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Lesson 10: BONUS VIDEO!

♦   Using cardboards and Strawbees in a special project!


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