Build & Program: T-Rex

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[LIVE Online Workshop with rental sets delivered to your home]

 Learn to build and program a T-rex robot! Understand the basic anatomy of the fiercest carnivorous dinosaurs and what it takes for them to run after prey and roar!

Fun Fact: Discovered in 1991, the Tyrannosaurus rex specimen known as Scotty weighed an estimated 8,845kg in life—making it the biggest T. rex ever found. (National Geographic)

Learning Objectives:

- Learn how to build a T-rex robot using LEGO Bricks and specialised parts
- Discover the uses and applications of different sensors, motors, gears, pulleys and more
- Introduction to Icon and Block-Based coding language
- Program the functions of the machines and explore creative ways to make the tasks more efficient!
- Introduction to important science concepts like body movements, motion, forces, mechanisms, systems, and also skills such as investigation and experimentation


  • For Ages 5 - 8 years old

  • Date(s) : 1 Dec, Wednesday
  • Time: 4pm - 6pm (2hrs)

  • Venue: ZOOM Class with physical set

  • Equipment/Set Used: LEGO Education WeDo 2.0

  • Pricing
    • Class Fee with Rental Set: S$89.90
    • Class Fee Without Rental Set (You have a set at home): S$59.90

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