NRC General Updates

NRC General Updates

Latest date when update was made: 1 October 2021

  • The Robot Game video submission guide can be viewed by clicking the following link:

  • The challenge documents for the following categories have been updated:

1) WRO Regular Category
2) WRO WeDo Regular Category
3) WRO Open Category
4) WRO Future Engineers Category

  • The Randomization guide release date has been brought forward to 22nd of October 2021 instead of 25th of October 2021. This affects all 4 WRO categories of challenges.
  • With the shift in the NRC competition timeline from September to November as a result of tightened national SMM measures back in August, we will like to inform you that we will not be sending teams to WRO International Finals this year.
  • Due to the Covid Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), are the competitions still going to be on the same dates?

Answer: The competition dates have been postponed and updated. Please refer to the respective categories for the updated dates. 



  • Do we need to buy competition parts?

Answer: Respective competition requires its own extra parts to be purchased. Please refer to the respective competition challenge booklets. 


  • Do we need to have a coach? 

Answer: Yes, it is stated in all the challenge booklets that an adult (over the age of 20) has to be registered as a coach for each team. 


  • If my school only has SPIKE Prime, and I want to send my students for the WeDo competition, am I allowed to loan WeDo sets from Duck Learning? 

Answer: Yes, please send a request to Or you can directly contact the Duck Learning Education Executives if you have their number. 


  • Can we change the team members after we have registered a team? 

Answer: Yes, but must be done by 6th of August 2021. Team members can be changed before the submission for the qualifiers, but it is on a case to case basis. An email must be sent to to request for this change. It is subject to approval by the NRC Organizing Committee. 


  • Is it mandatory to use the play table for the competition ? Can students put the mat on the floor and complete the mission ?

Answer : Students can put the mat on the floor and complete the mission.

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