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Duck Learning, founded in 2007 by a 3rd generation Singaporean, began as an educational consultancy focusing on Student Leadership training. It has since expanded to offer tailored solutions to over 200 MOE schools, pre-schools, and international schools, encompassing curriculum workshops, consultancy services, and advanced educational platforms.

Current Openings

  • Digital Marketing & Communications Intern

    As a digital marketing and communication intern, you will be responsible for supporting various aspects of digital marketing campaigns and communication strategies. This internship provides a hands-on learning experience in the dynamic field of digital marketing, where you will gain exposure to multiple facets of the industry.

  • Events & Operations Intern

    As an operations intern, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in supporting various operational functions within our organization. You will work closely with the operations team and contribute to the smooth execution of daily activities.

No Open Positions

We are always looking for part timers! As a part-time employee, you will play a crucial role in supporting the daily operations and overall success of our organization. Your responsibilities may vary depending on the specific role and department.

As a freelancer, you will work independently on a project basis, providing your expertise and services to clients. Your responsibilities and tasks will depend on the specific freelance role and the client's requirements.