Good Investment or Hype Product? KUBO Robotics

TL;DR KUBO Robotics is a good investment because it is highly functional classroom solution from an award-winning brand, KUBO Education.

What's the Difference Between an Investment Solution and Hype Product?

Main Differences include:

  1. Functionality: While an investment solution is geared towards being very useful by providing lots of function and being versatile in a classroom environment, a hype product usually has fewer functions that are overmarketed.

  2. Suitability: Even if a product may have many functions, it may not always be suitable to your students' profile. A hype product may end up being too generic as it tries to fix too many problems faced by the different types of educators while not actually fixing them. A good educational tool investment may sometimes come as a progressive system whereby you can add or reduce certain elements/parts/sets to make the tool suitable for different types of learners or topics by being more focused.

  3. Longevity/Relevancy: A hype product may be showcased as relevant with lots of buzzwords but is ultimately not built to be time-resilient in terms of quality and content relevancy like an investment tool.

Based on the factors of functionality, suitability and longevity/relevance, KUBO Robotics ticks all the boxes and rates highly in all the factors.

How Functional is KUBO Robotics?


  • KUBO Robotics is extremely versatile in the topics it can be used to teach. Add-on/expansion sets also mean that you can add more functions or sharpen the focus for a specific topic/subject.
    • Example topics: Math, Your Community, Outer Space, Coding, Countries, Animals, Geography

  • In terms of its build quality, KUBO Robotics (from its box packaging, to the robotics hardware and TagTile puzzle pieces) has extremely sturdy and durable parts that makes it classroom-friendly.

How Suitable is KUBO Robotics for Different Learners?

  • The KUBO sets have a progressive learning system. Beginner and younger students can start off with KUBO Coding Starter Set first. As they gain confidence and pick up more advanced skills, they can take the set to another level with the different expansion sets which feature much more complex concepts. 

    KUBO Robotics Sets


How Long will KUBO Robotics Remain Relevant?


  • KUBO Robotics as a system is very robust. On top of the fact that the starter set is made to last years, content can be updated digitally (via app or through community resources) as well as expanded when you purchase secondary/expansion sets. Students will continue to be engaged as the content and learning points are fresh.

  • The MY KUBO App also allows educators and parents to update the robots to the latest operating system and functions.






KUBO Robotics is a definitely an investment solution for educators and parents who are looking to let young students acquire important 21st Century Skills like computational thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication and more.

What makes it stand out from other early robotics educational tools is that the sets are only 1 part of the full solution which includes support system for educators, resources and e-learning platform. 

Wheel of Solutions - KUBO Robotics

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