Top 18 Educational and Meaningful Gift Ideas for Children (2024) - STEM Toys


The gift of learning and education is one of the more meaningful presents you can gift to a child.

Instead of getting a toy for entertainment purposes only, how about gifting them something that will teach them a thing or two, which will stick with them for a long time, if not forever?

In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, it's essential to nurture children's interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) from a young age.

STEM toys not only entertain but also educate, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and a love for learning. As parents, choosing the right educational toys can make a significant impact on our children's future. 



  • A. Robotic Sets
    • 1. LEGO Education SPIKE Essential (4 - 10 years old) - SGD$689.62
    • 2. LEGO Education SPIKE Prime (10 -16 years old) - SGD$895.07
    • 4. Arduino Starter Kit - SGD$151.94 NOW $119.90
  • B. Science Exploration Toys/Kits
    • 5. National Geographic Science Kits - SGD$19.90 ~ $69.90
    • 6. Smithsonian Series - SGD$24.90 ~ $69.90
    • 7. Heebie Jeebies Electronic Kits - SGD$22.90 ~ $42.90
    • 8. Imagine Station Kits (Smart Gadgets) - SGD$39.90
    • 9. LEGO Education BricQ Motion Essential (4-10 years old) - SG$273.10 NOW $190.99
    • 10. LEGO Education BricQ Prime (10 - 16 years old) - SG$273.10 NOW $190.99
  • C. Creative Building Sets
    • 11. Strawbees Coding and Robotics Set - SGD$172.16
    • 12. LEGO Education StoryTales Set - SGD224.59 NOW $190.99
    • 13. SAM Labs Curious Cars - SGD$312.09
  • D. Workshops/Courses
    • 14. STEAM Engine Short One-Off Workshops
    • 15. STEAM Engine Weekly Classes
    • 16. STEAM Learning @ Home Pre-recorded Programmes
  • E. Collectibles
    • 17. LEGO Education Building My SG Set
  • F. Gift Vouchers
    • 18. Duck Learning/STEAM Engine Webstore Gift Vouchers


Here are some gift-worthy toys and sets that we have in our webstore!

A. Robotic Sets

Robotics sets are highly recommended for kids who:

  1. Coding and Gaming Enthusiasts

    • Coding and gaming share common ground with robotics. Kids who enjoy programming games or tinkering with code will find robotics captivating.
    • Robotics kits introduce them to the practical application of coding concepts, bridging the gap between virtual worlds and tangible creations.
  2. Hands-On Learning Experience

    • Robotics kits provide a hands-on learning experience. Kids physically assemble components, connect wires, and troubleshoot issues.
    • This tactile engagement enhances understanding and retention compared to passive learning.
  3. Competitors in Robotics Contests

    • For kids participating in robotics competitions, these kits serve as essential training tools. They learn to design, build, and program robots to perform specific tasks.
    • Competing hones their problem-solving skills, teamwork, and adaptability under pressure.
  4. Logical Thinkers and Puzzle Solvers

    • Logical thinkers thrive in robotics. They enjoy deciphering complex problems and breaking them down into manageable steps.
    • Robotics challenges their analytical abilities, fostering a methodical approach.
  5. Creative Makers and Innovators

    • Robotics encourages creativity. Kids become makers, designing unique robots with distinct features.
    • Whether it’s crafting a robot that draws, dances, or solves puzzles, creativity flourishes through experimentation.


1. LEGO Education SPIKE Essential (4 - 10 years old) - SGD$689.62


 LEGO Education SPIKE Essential Core Set Singapore


LEGO Education Spike Essential Set in Use



2. LEGO Education SPIKE Prime (10 -16 years old) - SGD$895.07


 SPIKE Prime Core SetSPIKE Prime Core Set in Use

3. KUBO Coding Starter Set - SGD$464.90


KUBO Coding Starter Kit Singapore


KUBO Coding Starter Set in Use


4. Arduino Starter Kit - SGD$151.94 NOW $119.90


    Arduino Starter Kit Content Singapore

    Arduino Starter Kit In Use Singapore


    B. Science Exploration Toys/Kits

    Science Explorations Kits are recommended for kids who:

    1. Scientific Inquiry

      • Science in STEM Education aligns perfectly with kids who enjoy conducting science experiments
      • Science exploration often involves hands-on activities. Kids who love getting a little messy thrive in this environment.
      • Whether it’s mixing substances, dissecting specimens, or creating volcanic eruptions, messy science is captivating.
    2. Trial and Error Learning

      • Curious minds find science captivating. Kids who wonder about how the world works.
      • Messy experiments reveal cause-and-effect relationships. Kids see how changing one variable impacts the outcome.
      • It’s science in action which fuels their thirst for knowledge, and they learn to not be afraid to make mistakes.
    3. Joy in Imperfection

      • Messiness doesn’t deter progress—it fuels it. Kids embrace imperfections.
      • The joy lies in seeing their messy efforts transform into something remarkable. Creativity fuels scientific discovery.


    5. National Geographic Science Kits - SGD$19.90 ~ $69.90 

    National Geographic Science Kits in Singapore


    6. Smithsonian Series - SGD$24.90 ~ $69.90

    Smithsonian Science Kits in Singapore


    7. Heebie Jeebies Electronic Kits - SGD$22.90 ~ $42.90


    Heebie Jeebies Science Toys in Singapore


    8. Imagine Station Kits (Smart Gadgets) - SGD$39.90

    Logiblocs IMagine Station Science Toys in SIngapore


    9. LEGO Education BricQ Motion Essential (4-10 years old) - SG$273.10 NOW $190.99


     LEGO Education BricQ Motion Essential Set in Singapore


    BricQ Motion in use in Singapore



    10. LEGO Education BricQ Prime (10 - 16 years old) - SG$273.10 NOW $190.99



    BricQ Motion Prime in use Singapore

    C. Creative Building Sets

    Creative Building Sets are recommended for kids who:

    1. Hands-On Assembly Fun

      • Kids who love putting things together will thrive with creative building sets. These sets offer endless possibilities for constructing structures, vehicles, and imaginative designs.
      • Assembling pieces fosters fine motor skills and spatial awareness.
    2. Artistic Expression Meets Construction

      • Creative building sets combine the joy of arts and crafts with structural engineering. Kids can build sculptures, mosaics, or even functional objects.
      • It’s like painting with three-dimensional pieces!
    3. Role-Playing Adventures in 3D

      • For kids who love role-playing, creative building sets provide a tangible canvas. They can construct playhouses, castles, or entire miniature worlds.
      • Role-playing extends beyond imagination—it becomes part of the physical environment they create.



    11. Strawbees Coding and Robotics Set - SGD$172.16


    Strawbees Coding and Robotics Set Singapore

    12. LEGO Education StoryTales Set - SGD224.59 NOW $190.99


     LEGO Education Storytales Set in Singapore

    13. SAM Labs Curious Cars - SGD$312.09


      SAM Labs Curious Car Set Singapore

      SAM Labs Car Craft Singapore

      D. Workshops/Courses

      Robotics Workshops are recommended for kids who:

      1. Robotics Workshops for Future STEM Leaders

        • For kids who have a keen interest in pursuing their dreams in STEM-related fields. 
        • A strong foundation in robotics that can help them get into their dream schools or jobs.
      2. Interactive Guidance

        • We believe in the power of face-to-face learning.
        • Interactive guidance to ensure that every child gets the attention they need to thrive.
      3. Competition Ready

        • Prepare kids for various robotics competitions such as National Robotics Competition, Global Robotics Games and FIRST® LEGO® League Singapore. They will learn not just to build and program robots, but also to strategize and work as a team.

      4. Safe Learning Environment
      5. Customised Learning


      14. STEAM Engine Short One-Off Workshops


       STEAM Engine Holiday Workshops Singapore Junior RoboticsSTEAM Engine Short Courses and Workshops Singapore Robotics for Juniors

      15. STEAM Engine Weekly Classes


      STEAM Engine Masterclass for Robotics LEGO Education Robotics Singapore

      16. STEAM Learning @ Home Pre-recorded Programmes


       Pre-Recorded Programmes are currently unavailable. 

      steam learning at home prerecorded online robotics and coding lessons

      E. Collectibles

      Collectibles are recommended for kids who:

      • Big fans of LEGO and loves collecting all LEGO related sets.


      17. LEGO Education Building My SG Set


       Building My SG SG50 LEGO Education Collectible Set


      F. Gift Vouchers

      Gift vouchers are recommended for kids who:

      • Do not show a clear interest of what they like but open to trying new things.
      • Have parents who are particular about their child's toys/workshop dates (Their parents will have to facilitate what they spend with the gift vouchers)
      • Have core/base sets and are looking to buy expansion sets/additional parts.


      18. Duck Learning/STEAM Engine Webstore Gift Vouchers



       Duck Learning Webstore Gift Voucher Singapore




      That's all for now!

      We will update this list when new and relevant items/courses/packages are uploaded on our website!

      Hope we've helped you in your journey to find the best present for your loved ones. (:

      Email us at if you have any questions!

      Last updated: 12 March 2024

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