Cyber Robotics 101 with CoderZ

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Cyber Robotics 101

An Live Online Course by STEAM Engine using CoderZ

This 5-Day Programme teaches students about computer science and robotics concepts by programming their own virtual robot through a series of gamified missions. Furthermore, they’ll practice STEM, computational thinking, problem-solving, and soft skills that include creativity and inquiry.

7.5  hours, 5 lessons

  • Getting Started
  • Basic Navigation 1
  • Basic Navigation 2
  • Object Detection
  • Repeat Loops
  • Gyro Turns

    Learning Outcomes

    Computer Science
    • Control flows: if, if-else, nested loops, repeat until/while/forever
    • Functions for code reusability, comparison operators, Boolean conditions
    • Code efficiency and autonomous decision-making 
    • Manual control and heads up display (HUD)
    • Motion planning: power and steering arguments
    • Sensors: touch, gyro, ultrasonic, color, and gyro reset
    Soft Skills
    • Teamwork and collaboration, giving/receiving feedback
    • Inquiry, investigation, prediction, and creativity
    • Critical and computational thinking for problem solving


    The course is for:


    Teachers and students grades 13-15, with little to no experience in coding and robotics. Short, structured missions and flexible pacing make it engaging for a range of learning levels.
    Date & Time To your convenience 
    Extra Information

    No Installations

    No Hardware Costs

    Suitable for teachers of all backgrounds

    Important Notes:

    1. You will be asked to fill up a form providing your relevant details for account and certificate creation purposes after you have made payment.

    2. After making payment, you will receive a purchase confirmation email first.

    3. Once your account has been successfully created, you will receive another email with the account details to sign-in to CoderZ, and access the online course you have paid for.

    For more info, you can contact our class coordinator at 9822 5921 (Whatsapp message preferred).