Arduino CTC GO! Core Module (AKX00015)

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Age: 14 onwards 

Introduce your students to creative technologies! CTC GO is everything you need to create fun, engaging, and relevant STEAM lessons for Secondary School students. Teach them how to use technology as a tool in a playful, hands-on learning environment, and how to apply that knowledge in the real world.

A modular cross-curricular program, CTC GO! provides educators with an easy-to-use, practical approach to STEAM concepts through project-based learning and enables students to design, create, and test a series of playful, well-documented projects and east-to-assemble experiments.

Think of it just like brushes and paint – you’re giving your students what they need to create, learn, and thrive while the hands-on, collaborative approach teaches them important 21st-century skills.

Quick Look

♦ Age Target 14 – 17 years old

♦ 24 Students + 3 teachers

♦ 8 Practical lessons

♦ 6 Project Building

♦ 6 Experimental Sessions

♦ 4 Languages (English, German, Spanish and Portuguese)

The Kit Includes

♦ 8 Arduino Uno WIFI Rev2 Boards

♦ Component boxes for each group

♦ 1 Software Platform for Educators

♦ 1 Software Platform for Students

♦ Arduino Support Online

Learning Values

♦ Basics of electronics

♦ Basics of text-based programming language

♦ Working collaboratively to tackle real-world problems

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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