KUBO Coding Set (Single Edition) (10101)

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With its groundbreaking TagTile® system, KUBO introduces concepts of coding in an easy, hands-on, screen-free way, so that children can become creators, innovators, and designers of our future technologies. Learning to code becomes as easy as putting the pieces of a puzzle together. The solution, which includes free lesson plans and activity packs, is easily differentiated for instant success no matter what level students are at. KUBO is designed for students aged four to 10.

KUBO Coding Single Set

Get to know KUBO with this KUBO Coding Single set for students aged 4 to 10 years old. The set includes one KUBO body pack with USB charging cable, one KUBO Coding TagTile® set, an activity map and a blank map for students to create their own challenges.

KUBO comes with free access to an online portal introducing all of the coding techniques, from basic movements and routes to more advanced functions and loops. There are tutorials and guides for teachers and The Coding License – a series of lesson plans for students aged four to 10. Visit KUBO.education for more information

KUBO’s single addition contains one coding robot and is intended to supplement the classroom edition, but can also be used as a standalone product.


Every set includes:

• 1x KUBO robot
• 1x Coding activity pack
• 1x downloadable activity map
• 1x quick start guide
• 1x micro USB charging cable