Strawbees Hovercraft Kit (HOV - 1)

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The Strawbees modular Hovercraft kit is the ultimate toy and science experience that hovers across land and sea at over 25 miles per hour (~40 km/h). Create your own spectacular design and race with your friends and family. Along with the high-tech Radio-controlled electronics, you get guidance through the STEAM curriculum guide included in the kit.

The Story

Strawbees inventor Erik Thorstensson has always been a fan of engineering and technology projects, with R/C planes and cars in particular.

One weekend he crashed his drone and wondered what he could do with the undamaged parts. He created the first prototype of the Hovercraft with cardboard and brought the first version to the Strawbees office. The team has, since that day, used the Hovercraft every day.

Erik loves to design and prototype, so he created the Hovercraft for every kid (and parent) to experience the design process and create their own spectacular and speedy (and flying?) design. The kit will 'never' break because it can easily be revived with materials found in the waste bin.

Imagine creating a new design every summer and see the evolution. At what age will the daughter or son create a faster design than the parent?