Twin Science Coding Kit

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The Coding Kit is a LEGO®-compatible STEM kit designed to develop kids’ natural creativity and teach kids the fundamentals of computer programming through fun and interactive projects. Its easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions and fun, snap-together projects make it perfect for ages 9+.

 Lots of Projects in 1 Kit




Banana Piano

A piano made out of bananas! Crazy, right? But not impossible – Your kids will be amazed to see how much you can do by coding. With this project, your child can make their own music anywhere they go by simply turning fruit into piano keys through the power of coding.



Colour Palette

This colorful project was created for your child to explore a whole new way of experiencing art through coding! They’ll learn the science behind color with their coding glasses on!


Smart Gate

Turn just about any LEGO® fortress, gate, or house door into a smart door with the power of coding and sensor technology. After this fun project, you’ll start seeing the thinking gears turn in your child’s head as they look where to use their new-found knowledge next!


Robot Worm

Robot worms? What comes next? With the creative powers of craft and coding there’s no telling what else your child will make through code. After this experiment, though, your child will surely have enough coding skills and confidence to surprise you with their next creation.