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What is KUBO Robotics?

KUBO Robotics is a Danish educational technology company that specialises in providing coding and robotics solutions for young learners. The company is known for its innovative product, the KUBO robot, which is designed to teach programming skills to children in a fun and engaging way. The KUBO robot is a screen-free coding solution that uses tangible programming tiles, allowing students to physically arrange code sequences to command the robot's movements.

The KUBO curriculum is aligned with educational standards and aims to introduce coding concepts to students as young as four years old. The hands-on and playful approach of KUBO Robotics makes it an effective tool for introducing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts in early childhood education.



Perfect for Preschools, Student Care, Parents with young children and Primary Schools in Singapore


Unique TagTile Programming Language

Students are taught how to code through KUBO's unique TagTile programming language which is the only puzzle-like coding concept in the world - Literally making coding as simple as snapping together the pieces of a puzzle.

Easy to use for Teachers and Students

KUBO believes in empowering children to prepare them for the future. The KUBO solution caters to all abilities and preschool to primary age groups, regardless of their starting point making it the ideal coding solution to enhance creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

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Full Onboarding Program

KUBO's video tutorials and fully illustrated Quick Start Guides clearly and simply explain how the KUBO Coding technology works, and how to make the most of this coding resource.

Why do parents like KUBO Robotics?

  • Early Introduction to Coding: KUBO provides an early introduction to coding and programming concepts for children as young as four. In Singapore, we often see parents introducing STEM to kids as young as three years old. Parents value the opportunity for their kids to develop essential skills in technology and problem-solving from an early age.


  • Tactile Learning: KUBO's use of tangible programming tiles allows for a hands-on, tactile learning experience. Parents appreciate that their children are not solely interacting with screens but are also physically engaged in the learning process. 


  • Educational Standards Alignment: The KUBO curriculum is often aligned with Singapore's educational standards, assuring parents that the learning experience is structured and contributes to their child's academic development.


  • Engaging and Fun: The playful nature of KUBO makes learning enjoyable for children. Parents see the product as a way to engage their kids in educational activities that feel more like play, fostering a positive attitude towards learning.


  • Screen-Free Learning: In a world where screen time is a concern for many parents, KUBO's screen-free coding approach is appreciated. It provides an alternative to digital-heavy educational tools while still teaching essential technology skills. It is a screenless option that not only protects children's eyes but also helps reduce the reliance on screens for educational purposes.


  • STEM Skill Development: KUBO focuses on STEM education, helping children develop skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Parents recognise the importance of these skills for their children's future success.


  • Ease of Use and Implementation: Parents find KUBO easy to use, and its implementation in both classrooms and homes is straightforward. This makes it more accessible for parents who may not have a background in technology.

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KUBO in Competitions

KUBO has found a strong foothold in major robotics competitions, both locally in Singapore and on the global stage. Particularly, the KUBO Challenge stands out as a dedicated preschool category in competitions such as the National Robotics Competition (NRC) and Global Robotics Games (GRG). These yearly events provide a stage for preschoolers to exhibit their coding skills using KUBO. The National Robotics Competition, a well-established competition with a history spanning over 25 years, is endorsed by the Ministry of Education and managed by Science Centre Singapore. In contrast, the Global Robotics Games, initiated in 2023, has rapidly gained international traction, drawing participants from more than 5 countries just last year. Developed by the non-profit organization Developing Youth Innovative, this competition serves as an exciting platform for young innovators.

For comprehensive information on KUBO Robotics' involvement in these competitions and details on enrolling your students or children, please visit the dedicated websites for Global Robotics Games and National Robotics Competition.

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