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In LEGO® Education, we strive to provide a distinctive experience for teachers and students that combines relevant curriculum, the LEGO® system of bricks, teacher training and professional development with our unique principles for teaching and hands-on learning. Through this approach to teaching and learning, LEGO® Education is helping teachers develop successful students who learn more about curriculum subjects and develop strong 21st Century Skills in a playful learning environment.


LEGO® Education Best Sellers


LEGO Education - WeDo 2.0Preschool (Early Learning)

  1. Our Town
  2. Community Minifigure
  3. Creative LEGO Duplo Brick

Primary (Elementary)

  1. WeDo 2.0
  2. Interactions & Energy set
  3. Community Starter
  4. Simple Machines
  5. Creative LEGO brick set


  1. LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
  2. LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 core set
  3. LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Expansion set


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