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Matrix is a robotics system that ranges from beginner to advanced levels of robotics education. Matrix is one of the brands that offer AI and IoT integration to their autonomous robot applications. It is programmable in Arduino, web application, LabVIEW, and C, and is 100% LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ extendable.

With stronger mechanisms and more accurate movements, Matrix provides a good pathway in industrial robotic design and application.



About the Brand

  • Strong Aluminum Metal Frames
    The building parts are made up of aluminum metal, which gives it extra build strength to tackle projects that require more durability and reliability. 

  • Primed for industrial design
    Matrix robotics system is perfect for projects that require precision and durability. The parts focus on building a strong foundation and framework of the project. 

  • Compatible with many popular smart hubs and microcontrollers
    Matrix is great for serious student coders and roboticists. The sets are compatible to popular and robust programs like C and Labview while the and "brains" are compatible to micro:bit and Arduino microcontroller for example.


Recommended for

Age Group

10 - 18 years old

Subject Topics & Difficulty Levels

Robotics (Easy to Advanced)

Programming (Easy to Advanced)
i.e. MakeCode, Arduino C Language


Software: KIV

Hardware (Personal Learning Device): KIV

Budget Required

Mid - $$



Popular Products

1. MATRIX Micro Starter Robot Kit


A flexible and comprehensive system that allows kids to creatively build their own robot world, the set integrates micro:bit with MATRIX Micro programmable robot controllers. The starter set is great for beginners to gain confidence in handling industrial-level parts and mechanisms.




  • Over 15 hours of activities
  • Over 12 base models with step by step instructions
  • Students use MakeCode to control their micro:bit and the attached parts
  • Comes with durable tool kit box with sorting trays
  • Buy MATRIX Micro Starter Kit here



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