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What is SAM?
SAM is a smart construction kit. SAM blocks connect wirelessly to the SAM app. You create awesome inventions


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Each SAM block has a specific skill. Buttons, lights, sensors, motors, and so much more. One block, one million possibilities.

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They’re wirelessly activated – using Bluetooth – to move, illuminate or sound. Program patterns and behaviours using the intuitive app, or build race cars right out of the box with the Curious Cars app. Simple ingenuity!


Empower students with the endless possibilities of SAM

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The ultimate starter kit to bring SAM into your classroom.

  • Curriculum-based STEAM projects and lesson plans
  • Data capture, programming logic and more
  • SAM Space Education app tailored for teachers
  • 40+ SAM software blocks
  • Integrates with Lego®
  • Hands-on educator support
  • Easily adapts into homework


Built by curriculum experts:

All lesson plans and supporting materials are created for educators, by educators.


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