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Created by educators and honed by researchers, SAM Labs’ products enable schools to teach foundational 21st century skills and amplify existing resources.

They believe that all educators should invest in the learning, future potential and joy of their students by using a tool that integrates with their classroom, invests in their growth and takes care of administrative tasks.  



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Each SAM block has a specific skill. Buttons, lights, sensors, motors, and so much more. One block, one million possibilities.

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They’re wirelessly activated – using Bluetooth – to move, illuminate or sound. Program patterns and behaviours using the intuitive app, or build race cars right out of the box with the Curious Cars app. Simple ingenuity!


Empower students with the endless possibilities of SAM

sam labs kit

The ultimate starter kit to bring SAM into your classroom.

  • Curriculum-based STEAM projects and lesson plans
  • Data capture, programming logic and more
  • SAM Studio web-app tailored for teachers and students
  • 40+ SAM software blocks
  • Integrates with LEGO® and Strawbees
  • Hands-on educator support
  • Easily adapts into homework




About the Brand

  • Teacher-centric to allow for educator success
    Success is educators’ success and when educators are successful, students succeed. SAM Labs puts their energy behind this equation every day on behalf of educators everywhere. While the buttons and modules are ready for use in seconds, teachers can also benefit from their all-in-one teaching platform, SAM Studio. SAM Studio encompasses not only the coding environment but also resources such as lesson plan (and a lesson plan builder that is coming soon!) so teachers and students only need to use one platform to do everything they need.   

  • Themed pathways for focused skill acquisition
    There are 4 different pathways or specialisations that students can focus on: STEAM, Coding, Maker and Creator. Each pathways uses different SAM Labs solutions (lesson plans, software and hardware) to create optimal learning experiences to acquire skills related to the specialisations. This allows teachers and students to achieve learning objectives in an accelerated, focused and effective manner.

  • No error messages - Always a positive learning experience

    SAM Labs programming will never show you an error message. When you take a SAM Labs button and you press it, you’ll see it being pressed on the interface as direct feedback. The same happens if you get a slider, it just moves on the interface! This notion of immediate feedback about what’s happening is vital, it gives early ‘wins’ and feelings of mastery. The more positive learning experiences, the more resilient a student can become as they did not give up early on.


Recommended for

Age Group

5 - 14 years old

Subject Topics & Difficulty Levels

Robotics (Easy to Medium)

Programming (Easy to Medium)

  • Blockly (micro:bit programming)
  • SAM Studio Block-based Programming


Software: SAM Studio (if applicable)

Hardware (Personal Learning Device): Chromebook or similar devices

Budget Required

Mid - $$




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