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The increasing rate of technological development creates new opportunities for, and expectations on all of us. Many young people will grow up to work in professions that we have not yet heard of, while routine tasks will be carried out by robots. Creativity and problem-solving skills will become crucial for everybody, as will the confidence to dare to try out new ideas. Everyone will also need a greater understanding of technology.

Strawbees provides a complete solution for developing a powerful skill set for the future through hands-on exploration and working with design, construction, electronics and programming. Our open-ended system creates opportunities for fun and engaging experiences for beginners and experts of all ages.


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“Invention literacy is the ability to read and write human-made stuff, from toasters to apps.”

How could we “read and write human-made stuff”? Jay Silver who first introduced this concept shares our view of us being able to cultivate our ability to look at objects or computer programs, grasp what they are about – and train ourselves to gradually be able to come up with new ideas, invent, with more ease as we gain experience.

Inventors don’t perform magic. Once we are familiar with the basic building blocks of invention, such as understanding mechanisms, movement, construction, design, electronics, programming and whatever else is relevant to the object we need to write – then we can put these blocks together in new, innovative ways. Much like building blocks such as vocabulary, grammar, spelling and sounds help us understand what we read and organise our texts to make sense when we write.


About the Brand

  • Low Cost Per Student Ratio
    Strawbees is a great alternative for the budget-conscious. Students can not only build small to medium models but with enough building tubes,  large models bigger than themselves!  

  • User-friendly parts for beginner builders
    The colourful and easy to assemble parts are a great gateway set for students who are new to building. Students can build and rebuild quickly to try out different ideas and theories to help them understand how things work in real time through experimentation. 

  • Compatible with micro:bit and SAM Labs robotic controllers
    When your students are ready, you can buy an attachment for the building sets and start programming away! They can build upon their previous knowledge of building and engineering with coding seamlessly.


Recommended for

Age Group

6 - 14 years old

Subject Topics & Difficulty Levels

Robotics (Easy to Medium)

Programming (Easy to Medium)

  • Block (with MIT's Scratch Blocks)
  • Flow (node-based visual programming)
  • Text (C++ Arduino-compatible)


Software: Strawbees CODE (if applicable)

Hardware (Personal Learning Device): Chromebook or similar devices

Budget Required

Mid - $



Popular Products

1. Strawbees Robotic Inventions for micro:bit

Strawbees ROBOTIC INVENTIONS FOR MICRO:BIT extension and add-on

This kit is to snap the micro:bit with physical Strawbees buildings and programming mechanical structures with servo motors. A way to create physical interaction with your next project!

As an add-on kit, this requires the purchase of another Strawbees product for building with building pipes and connectors.

Write in Microsoft MakeCode’s block-based programming platform, upload a program and remove from the computer to run on batteries.





2. Strawbees STEAM School Kit

Strawbees STEAM School Kit

The STEAM School Kit is the most massive construction kit providing over 4000 pieces enough for an entire classroom of students. Build a large cityscape, a large rollercoaster track for a ball to run through, a large pyramid structure taller than you, and create moving mechanical arms and claws.

The building set comes with 5 different precut straw sizes and 4 color-coded connectors in a storage box with pull-out material trays to get started building!

This kit comes with the Pocketful of Ideas Card Deck with 100+ challenges.




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