Our Approach

Our Approach

With more than 16 years of experience as a STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) solution provider, we have honed our methods to develop students into future-ready leaders. 

Creating Future Ready Leaders


Duck Learning endeavours to equip students, the future leaders of our society, with useful STEAM-basedskills, knowledge and aptitude.

Skills & Knowledge

By incorporating activities that developcritical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity (4Cs) into our programmes, we help to develop these 4 important skills in our students. To track the growth of our students, we utilise reliable assessments that test the 4Cs and knowledge levels of the students. We impart knowledge to our students using The QUACK Method.



1. The QUACK Method start with students questioning the world around them. Our trainers jump-start this by showing them examples that pique their curiosity and make them question why certain phenomena happen - almost like a magic show!

2. Students are then given the explanation for these phenomena so they can understand theoretically.
3. Once they understand the basic theories, they can move on to apply these theories in real life projects and tasks by playing with the relevant kits and sets. Learning through play allows them to make mistakes and testing their assumptions without thinking about examination pressure.

4. Once students gain confidence in their understanding and application, they can now critique their own processes to accomplish a certain task effectively, efficiently or whatever the underlying goal may be. Students are to critique their own work or their classmates' work and learn from each other's insight.

5. At the end, our students will know how to apply the newfound skills and knowledge in their everyday lives and future projects.


Future-ready leaders are not made at one go! Consistent learning and challenges are required to help students continue to grow.

In tandem with our courses, schools, educators, parents and students themselves can continue their STEAM learning journey by exhausting our Duck Learning Ecosystem ( which continues to grow! )

They can:

  • Join friendly or highly competitive competitions (intra-school, inter-school, national, regional, international)
  • Sign up for STEAM-related holiday camps or hackathons
  • Try out other kits and sets that require different skills and knowledge (coding, robot build etc.)
  • Take up more advanced workshops or courses to upgrade their skills and knowledge.
  • Incorporate learning and having fun with their family and teammates in STEAM-based team-bonding activities.
  • Attend conferences or events to meet other like-minded individuals or share ideas and insights!