Our Methodology



  • Meet teachers to ensure that every workshop is completely customised to meet schools' learning needs
  • Learn more about required learning outcomes and students
  • Understand school culture and values
  • Understand context and environment




  • Identify suitable learning methodology
  • Identify 21st century competencies to be developed
  • Design activities to achieve learning outcomes by different types of students
  • Design materials to facilitate thinking process in different types of students
  • Train facilitators to familiarise with tailor made workshop





  • Conduct workshops with only high calibre and passionate facilitators
  • Use identified learning methodology to help students achieve learning objectives
  • Continuously monitor progress of students
  • Adapt workshop when necessary to provide optimum learning environment for all students




  • Provide platform for students to continue their learning beyond workshop
  • Activity sheets completed by students will act as personal “manual” for reflection beyond workshop
  • Provide teachers with material to follow up with students on application of learning points one month after workshop