About PictoBlox

The Best Block-Based Coding & AI Education Platform For Kids

Learn coding in a fun way!

Learn to code with Scratch, the most popular block based coding language for kids in the world. Your kids will learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in an engaging hands-on activities! 

Kids will be able to:
  1. Create and upload Scratch code to their robots and make them perform their tasks like picking up objects and avoiding obstacles
  2. Automate their home, monitor the temperature, access data-based location, publish on the internet and many more
  3. Make their own virtual assistant and train the robots to make cool projects
  4. Start their own games, and get the characters to mimic user's actions
  5. Learn coding remotely, even on phones


Pictoblox also makes programming easier to understand and applied for users of all ages.
  1.  It has an intuitive interface with a lot of additional features that gives users a similar programming experience to Scratch
  2. Gives kids the opportunity to interact with a broader scope of coding
  3. Has hardware compatibility and AI/ML features that offer seamless robot programming & AI learning experience
  4. Easy access to  PictoBlox - phones, tablets, and computers, etc.

Recommended for

Age Group  9 years old and above
Subject Topics & Difficulty Levels

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Programming (Easy to Advanced)
i.e. Python

Hardware/Software Software: PictoBlox
Budget Required Low - $