Quarky Explorer Kit (QKY01)

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Presenting to you Quarky Explorer Kit! It consists of Coding and Artificial Intelligence made superfun for kids age 7+ with hands-on activities. This kit has more than 15 projects which they can explore through the online courses provided for free. The courses will teach kids on graphical and python programming through a Scratch-like block-based coding or advanced Python programming with the use of PictoBlox, an ideal software for each coding for beginners.


  • Coding and AI Made Superfun: Best kit for kids of 7+ years to learn Artificial Intelligence, Coding and Physical Computing with engaging hands-on experience.
  • 15+ Projects: Experience the complete project-making lifecycle.
  • Interactive Self-learning Online Courses: Enhance your learning experience with versatile online courses offered with Quarky Kit for free! [1 on graphical programming and 1 on python programming]
  • Coding Made Easy!: Learn coding with Scratch like block-based coding or advanced python programming with PictoBlox – an ideal learning software for first steps into coding.
  • 21st Century Skills: Inculcate important 21st century skills such as creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, logical thinking and innovativeness.


Skills such as critical thinking, enhancing one's creativity, logical thinking and innovativeness will be inculcated in your kids through Quarky.

Contents of Quarky Explorer Kit


Quarky Explorer Kit Activities and Topics