Quarky Innovator Kit (QKY02)

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Presenting to you Quarky Innovator Kit for ages 7 and above! This kit will give an engaging hands-on experience for your kids to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics. The interactive self-learning online course will enhance your kids learning experience for free, on graphical and python programming. There are more than 25 projects to choose from! Your kids will be handling a Scratch-like block-based coding or advanced Python programming with PitcoBlox, learning software that is ideal for beginners.


  • AI and Robotics Made Superfun: Learn Artificial Intelligence, Coding and Robotics with engaging hands-on experience.
  • Make 25+ Projects: Experience the complete project-making lifecycle.
  • Interactive Self-learning Online Courses: Enhance your learning experience with versatile online courses offered with Quarky Kit for free! [2 on graphical programming and 2 on python programming]
  • Coding Made Easy!: Learn coding with Scratch like block-based coding or advanced python programming with PictoBlox – an ideal learning software for first steps into coding.
  • 21st Century Skills: Inculcate important 21st century skills such as creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, logical thinking and innovativeness.


With this, your kids would learn important 21st-century skills like critical, creative, and logical thinking, problem-solving, and innovativeness! 


Quarky Innovator Kit - Contents of the Kit