Strawbees STEAM School Kit with Storage Solution (SBE-SC1-EN-V1)

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Get to Know:

The Strawbees STEAM School Kit is thier most massive construction kit, providing students with over 4,000 pieces -- enough for an entire classroom. Students can build a large cityscape, a rollercoaster track, a pyramid structure that's taller than them, and even create moving mechanical arms and claws. Help students build creative thinking skills and invent anything they can imagine or combine the pieces with other Strawbees kits for more opportunities!

Suitable for students aged 6 years and above

Key Features: 

Storage Solution – Organized trays sorted by piece and color ready to be placed out on the table for a lesson or workshop. It's your easy material management system.

Unlimited building – This large amount of materials allows students to build structures of any scale or dimension. It's also lightweight enough for kids to lift above their head.

Different lengths and color-coded pieces – Four types of connectors and five different straw lengths. They're all color-coded, making it easy to follow the activity instructions.

What's Inside?

  • 1,024 1-leg Blue Connectors
  • 512 2-leg Yellow Connectors
  • 512 3-leg Green Connectors
  • 256 5-leg Red Connectors
  • 512 240-mm Blue Building Straws
  • 360 205-mm Green Building Straws
  • 512 112-mm Pink Building Straws
  • 256 80-mm Orange Building Straws
  • 256 48-mm Yellow Building Straws
  • Pocketful of Ideas Card Deck
  • 2 Posters
  • Free access to lesson plans in the Strawbees Learning platform