KUBO Coding Math Set (KB-10104)

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Learn coding together with Mathematics when you use KUBO Coding Starter Set and KUBO Coding Math Set together!



The KUBO Coding Math pack is a new unique set of TagTile® that combines coding while focusing on math, giving teachers a great way to cover multiple learning objectives in one go. This add-on pack contains 50 new TagTile pieces including numbers, operators and playful Game TagTile pieces. The pack comes with 200+ Task Cards and 3 challenge maps addressing counting, cardinality, operations, algebraic thinking, numbers and operations.

Age: 4+
  • 33x Number TagTile pieces
  • 11x Operator TagTile pieces
  • 5x Game TagTile pieces
  • 1x Game Activator TagTile pieces

Not included:

KUBO on Math TagTiles

Online Curriculum Materials

♦ Free online curriculum materials, including 16 beautifully illustrated 25-minute lesson plans, worksheets and comprehensive teachers guides


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