Twin Science Robotic Art Kit (K-ART-02)

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The Robotic Art Kit is a LEGO®-compatible creative maker kit that combines technology with art. It’s a beginner-level kit with hands-on fun experiments demonstrating the science behind everyday technologies. Its easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions and fun, snap-together projects make it perfect for ages 9+.

 Many Projects in 1 Kit



Drawing Robot

Be amazed watching your child discover the effect of angular momentum and vibration when building their own drawing robot!

Twin Science Robotic Art Kit Drawing Robot



Vacuum Cleaner

Say bye-bye to messes! Your kids will experiment with air pressure to build their very own vacuum cleaner!

Twin Science Robotic Art Kit Vacuum Cleaner


Confetti Machine

Every day is party day after building their Confetti Machine. Kids will learn to harness the power of wind while making this fun creation.

Twin Science Robotic Art Kit Confetti Machine


Spin Art

Unleash the artist inside with Spin Art. Kids will observe and understand mesmerizing inertia experiments while building a spin art machine and making unique creations.