FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge Kit 2016/2017 Animal Allies (45802)

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Calling all LEGO® enthusiasts and animal lovers! This exclusive set is your chance to own a piece of FIRST® LEGO® League history – the 2016/2017 "Animal Allies" competition challenge kit.

More than just a toy: This retired set isn't your average box of bricks. It's a collector's dream and a window into the world of robotics competitions.

Embrace the Animal Allies theme: Packed with 2,161 pieces, this set lets you build and explore innovative solutions to real-world challenges faced by animals and their human partners.


  • Authentic competition kit: Experience the thrill of building the same props used by teams in the 2016/2017 FIRST® LEGO® League season.
  • Unique and retired: This set is no longer available in stores, making it a valuable addition to any LEGO® collection.
  • Perfect for animal lovers: Explore the fascinating world of animal-human collaboration through engaging robot missions and challenges.
  • Endless possibilities: Unleash your creativity and use the diverse set of bricks to build beyond the competition missions.
  • Ideal for: LEGO® enthusiasts, robotics fans, animal lovers, and anyone seeking a unique and retired collector's item.


Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of history and ignite your passion for animals, technology, and creativity!

116cm x 18.8cm x 13.9cm