Upper Primary Robotics LEGO® SPIKE Prime Workshop | Competition Training - STEAM ENGINE

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National Robotics Competition 2024 Preparatory Workshops

This dynamic program by STEAM Engine readies upper primary students for the Robotics Tournament in the National Robotics Competition (NRC). Using LEGO Education SPIKE Prime, participants face challenges while mastering coding, robotics, teamwork, and strategic skills. Novices undergo a comprehensive 40-hour course, while experienced students streamline into a focused 30-hour preparation, ensuring they're competition-ready.

  • Age: 10-13 years old
  • Beginners: 20 sessions x 2 hours ($1600)
  • Experienced: 15 Sessions X 2 hours ($1200)
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Why STEAM Engine?

  • Personalized Attention: Each team receives dedicated instruction with one instructor per team during the lesson, ensuring personalized guidance and support.
  • Experienced Trainers: Duck Learning boasts highly experienced trainers who are adept at nurturing students' skills and fostering their creativity in robotics and STEM education.
  • LEGO Education Academy Certification: Our instructors are certified by the LEGO Education Academy, ensuring they possess the expertise and knowledge to deliver high-quality educational experiences using LEGO products.
  • Competition Involvement: With over 13 years of active participation in competitions, Duck Learning has a proven track record of success, providing students with opportunities to apply their skills in competitive settings and excel.