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Cyber Robotics 102

What is CoderZ?


Put on your thinking caps! Cyber Robotics 102 focuses on variables, robotics-related algorithms, and physics in a changing obstacle environment. Promotes critical thinking, investigation, and problem solving.




7.5 hours, 5 lessons

  • Plain Hills 1
  • Plain Hills 2
  • Cruise Control
  • Dangerous Curves 1
  • Dangerous Curves 2
  • Doodling with Distance
  • Touch, Avoid, Repeat



Ruby on CoderZ

    Learning Outcomes

     Computer Science

    • Functions: code reusability; Variables: declare, types, and initial value (set)
    • Comparison, mathematical, and logic operators
    • A review of coding concepts introduced in Cyber Robotics 101
    • Motion planning: power, speed, distance, braking
    • Turns: screw, pivot, and curves
    • A review of robotics concepts introduced in Cyber Robotics 101
    • Momentum: Accelerate, stop, overshoot; mass and gravitational force, stability
    • Control systems: Open/closed loop, 2 and 3 state controls, proportional control
    • Decomposition, pattern recognition, algorithm design, abstraction, iteration


    Course Details

    Student Criteria

    Students aged 10 - 15 years old
    Without prior experience in coding or robotics.

    Short, structured missions and flexible pacing make the curriculum engaging for a range of beginner learning levels.

    Date & Time

    20th June to 24th June
    Mon - Fri

    Time: 10am - 1130am daily

    Preparation Required

    No Installations on Learning Device

    No Hardware Costs

    Price SGD$429 for 5 days of lessons (7.5 hours total)

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    For more info, you can contact our class coordinator at 9822 5921 (Whatsapp message preferred).