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Useful Resources

4 Ways to Prepare Your Child to be a Natural in STEM Subjects

May 14, 2021 

Don’t we all wish we could have been a natural when it comes to acing STEM subjects in school? Good news is we believe that through the right exposure at a young age, your child can become a natural in STEM too!

Comparison Between Different Block-based Programming Platforms

Apr 19, 2021 

Not sure which block-based programming platform to use? Check out our breakdown!

7 Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right STEAM-based Course for your Children

Apr 13, 2021 

Not sure which STEAM course to choose? What is STEAM even? Read on to find out more on how you can prepare your child for a bright future. Explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics with confidence. Prepare your child for tomorrow's challenges in a tech-driven era. Learn why STEAM education is essential in today's digital landscape. Make informed decisions for your child's future. Start their STEAM journey today!

Top 18 Educational and Meaningful Gift Ideas for Children (2024) - STEM Toys

Nov 24, 2021 Janlia Yap

An educational gift is a gift that keeps on giving. Help children fall in love with STEM Application, Arts and more when you let them have these gifts!

DSA Portfolio for STEM Talent Domain: Building an Outstanding Portfolio

Oct 19, 2021 Janlia Yap

Read this article to find out how you help your child's DSA portfolio stand out from others.

Introduce STEAM early and help your students be tech-ready!

KUBO Bundles for Preschools


Latest add-on set for KUBO Education;
KUBO Math Set 

Refresh your base KUBO Coding Starter set with the new KUBO Math TagTile pieces!

Have your students practise their Mathematics skills with highly relatable programming contexts for young children.

Drop us an email at for bulk purchases

Learn More

Learn Artificial Intelligence from Age 10 with Quarky

If your students are looking for exciting automation and Artificial Intelligence-based (AI) projects that are not overwhelming, check out Quarky!

Affordable and easy to implement in classes, Quarky is a popular choice amongst teachers and students on a budget. 

View Quarky Sets

Looking for a workshop instead?

We know.
Some kids need close face-to-face supervision and friends around before they will sit down and focus on their educational kits.
Don't worry, just enroll them in one of our corresponding workshops at our studio:
STEAM Engine Learning Centre

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